After 31 years, I broke the unspoken code,
I broke my silence and shared all my insider strategies...

Investors Look To Network Syndication
To Bring More and More Deals Together.

Commercial Property Is
Easier, Safer and Less Work.

But Don't Expect
To Get In Uninvited...

From: Austin Davis

Established commercial real estate investors are buying property left and right. When I shared with the associates I've done business with for the past 3 decades I was going to share the methods and systems used by many of the world's largest investors with new investors I was pressured not to share these secrets with the general public. I was told no one frankly wants more investors bidding against them on properties.

The fear being that if more buyers enter into the market the profits and deals out there would be reduced. Right now there are sellers who have had no offers for over a year - guess how willing they are to give great terms to a buyer right now. If there is a flood of new investors making offers - those great terms may go away is the general fear of a market being introduced to more buyers. However, we are in such a down market - and there is such a flood of foreclosures I told them - that we do not have to worry about a flood of people crowding our industry. Rather, if we bring more people into it now, it will shorten the time for the market to turn around and it brings us more buyers to unload our smaller units to 1031 into larger ones. I don't deal in small deals under 30 units, I prefer ones over 60 units and anything under $1.5m is more work than it's worth to deal with. They agreed - those are properties we want to unload.. thus bringing in new investors and showing them the ropes - we create a market of buyers for them! I'll be honest with you though - it's often easier to do deals that are larger. It may be less nerve racking to work with small numbers - but you'll think different after you've done a small deal and then a large deal.

What ever you do - don't leave my website until you have read through all of this. I reserve the right to end my program and take it off the market at anytime - without notice. Once, I've reached my goals I reserve the right to end this program and my offer to help new clients.

Why I Built A 'System'.

The Power Of Using Systems.

I built a system because a system creates leverage. There are no better partners than former students. A system also stops problem people who can not follow directions from doing business with me. It also allows me to train the best partners I can find in larger numbers. Let me be up front with you as well. If you don't follow directions your money will be refunded and you will be banned from using my system, working with my office and from my mastermind group - no exceptions. Do not complain and above all else be professional when you contact my staff and vendors that I hand selected to help you get your deals under contract. People who complain and do not follow directions will not be tolerated.

You've been warned - if you are a problem investor - stop - leave my site now. You will not get through my system if you don't follow directions. If you complain a lot. If you have a negative mindset. Leave. We won't work out. Let's avoid wasting each others time.

I went public a few years ago, but as our economy has suffered the window of opportunity has never been better than it is right now now. I am taking a lot of heat for sharing the methods, contacts and systems many of the big boys use, but it's important to get this message out. Things will not turn around without help and investors are best at helping turn around commercial real estate markets.

Let's not forget that there are a lot of good folks suffering because they are not making enough money and nothing can make money like commercial real estate can. Let me also be frank in that sharing this that I am hoping you are going to bring me deals and or want to parter with me. I'm building a army of 10,000 partners and as such I've marked my program down to break even on paying my staff to help and train you. That's good for you, but that also means I have no desire to work with problem people - you will be banned if you complain, do not follow directions and or try to steal or duplicate my system in any way. You and a partner or spouse are allowed to use my program - no one else! Do not share it with anyone else - if you do and I find out - you will be banned. Most people use common sense and don't abuse my program, staff or vendors - but just so you are clear on what is expected of you I'm telling you this up front.

My program and working with me are not a right and I will not put up with anyone who causes problems, does not listen to directions or who complains rather than taking action to learn. Please feel free to always ask questions and always seek to learn, but do not complain about things that you think are not fair or a disadvantage to you over other students. It's not that I and everyone you will come into contact with my program do not have compassion for hardships you have been through, but we know that you can over come the things that you have been through and be successful. In fact we are here to help you be a success. That being said - when you complain that you can't do something and make excuses - you then are holding yourself back. We don't want that and you don't either. Complaints will not help you - they only hinder you from growing and being successful. You can share things with my staff and explain why you will need to wait to do something when something comes up, but please do not use that as an excuse as to why you will never be able to do what we know you are capable of doing. Where there is a will - there is a way. Where there is no will - there will not be a way.

Don't Think You Can Buy Property?

Almost everyone who has bought commercial real estate didn't think they could buy when they started either. That is, until many stumbled upon a highly guarded secret or someone showed them it. A secret that makes buying easy and...

1 Only requires a will power or desire to buy (really)...

1 Has been proven to work regardless of credit, income, job or assets...

1 Doesn't require a lot of cash up front... (a few hundred bucks get's you started)

1 Teaches you how to attract partners who gladly assume all the liability...

1 So easy-to-use that even if you know nothing about commercial property... you'll still be on your way to buying real estate in as little as 45-120 days... (as little as 30, but it's not likely)

And YOU can use it to:

111 Consistently attract new partners to help you buy more -- I'll show you how...

1 Slash the cash out of pocket you need for down payments... to ZERO...

1 Fatten your bank account with cash after closing in 24 hours... (with 1-6% of the sale price.. you do the math)

And the best part is...

You Are Not Left Alone... Real Live Help.

What I'm going to share with you was designed to make the process easy, but I also have support lined up for you from vendors who stand behind my guide to provide service for everything needed to get started. I also have trained staff here to help you along the way.

You can use any vendors you want, but you don't have to go search for them and hope you find them. Most of the "guru" programs on the market and late night television require you to use vendors for their programs, but give you no vendors to contact. Because vendors no longer do what the "gurus" say they do - they have long ago stopped offering what they used to. My program guide doesn't leave you in the dark. My program provides contacts for every service needed for this to work! My staff is friendly and helpful and is among the best in the industry!

When most investors start in this industry, they were working 9-5. Most probably still would be, too, if they didn't go for their dream of buying property. So I am sharing the best way to make this possible for anyone.

It's alright if this is new to you ...

Few Investors Ever Think
Bigger Than Single Family Investing.

I truly believe the system I'm about to give you actually works better for people who have no or less experience on how to buy commercial real estate... because they are willing to give it a try and have not become hard headed. Sadly, there are many who have been in the industry for decades who sell or finance real estate - but own none. Simply because they think they have all the answers, but are never able to get into real estate like they dreamed because they lack the knowledge to "get started".

See, while other people are reading books and taking seminars, changing their minds over and over... and causing “paralysis by analysis”... or worst yet too skeptical to try anything new -- all you have to do is put this simple to use program into action and gain the power of a near cash buyer in as little as 30 days.

I know it's contrary to everything you've heard before, but...

Real Estate Does Not Have To Be Hard.

Most people make it far too hard... and that's why 99% of them fail.

There's simply no need to get caught up by your lack of knowledge... glued to reading large kits, buying seminars and trying to figure out how to do near impossible seller financing.

And it's just pointless to try and save hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started.

There's no need to save a “fortune”, go through learning curves, or spend time trying to learn worthless seller financing and no money down systems.

It's all a big waste of time.

Do you want to know the real trick to buying multiple properties in the US?

I Hope Your Reading Close Here Is The Secret.

What it comes down to is that the most successful Investors use leverage.

OPM, other peoples money.

But, I bet you have heard that a lot, easier said than done.. unless you know where to get it.

Trust me, everyone learns this the hard way. Everyone always wonders why they made it so hard and didn't learn how to do this the easy way sooner.

Most investors will spend years working like a crazed bulldog... researching and testing different programs, methods, strategies, and techniques.

Have you had your share of heartache... fists pounding against your desk... and emotion-based decisions that cost you thousands?

And in time come to the same conclusion as other investors?

All you need is a proven, logical, and financially sound method that has been working exceptionally well for investors for decades (and will continue to do so).

Donald Trump learned this method and grew his vast fortune to become one of the richest men in Real Estate and now he is famous for it!

No, this isn't 100% seller financing or lease to own or master lease option, etc. Those are hard to do because a seller rarely goes for that.. esp if you have no credit or huge down payment.

Anyone who tells you a bank will give you 100% financing is flat out lying to you. Don't believe it! Sure, there might be some rare example of a bank that did it, but it is rare and you will starve if you wait around hoping to find that.

Once investors really “get” how to do deals, they change everything. So with my team of highly talented real estate gurus, I created a program that took out the hype and fuzz and replaced it with proven, steadfast repeatable methods.

And the property is there for the taking.

Now, I'm not going to sit here and fill you up with false promises... swearing up and down that you'll make millions overnight. I just won't.

But this program has been...

Proven To Get Hundreds Of New and Established Investors Funding On Multi-Million Dollar Properties.

So how much funding is possible for YOU to get?

Well, you can do the math from here.

If you want to take control of your life and are willing to follow the methods in my program... you'll have the chance to buy near an infinite number of properties using my program.

You can search high and low – I assure you that you'll never find a more profitable and easy opportunity in today's marketplace. 

I can't stress enough... what most people fail to understand is that investing is not hard when you have a method of using OPM or other peoples money and know how to attract partners.

You don't need to get worked up, agonize over buying the hot deals you find, or endure heartache. There's no grueling over a lot of hard to use techniques either...

All you have to do is use the program to buy property yourself or attract partners if you have bad credit...

...and you're DONE.

You can concentrate on finding more properties and plugging partners into your deals.

Let me tell you more about what I created...

"The Ultimate How To Buy
Commercial Real Estate Program".


It's truly an incredible program. Here's are some details of what it does:

1 It's shockingly simple. It takes less than an hour for the average person to read, understand the process, and begin to apply.

1 Mind-boggingly easy. It's easily and quickly understood by anybody from newbie to veteran.

1 Easy to implement. Easy to use. It takes at most 15 minutes a day to start using and then repeat over and over.

1 It is designed to work for anyone... regardless of income, assets, job, credit or experience.

1 You can start on your own with without a partner (if you have cash) or with a partner (if you are low on cash) - and my program teaches you how to get investors begging to be your partner. It's so simple - you'll be amazed.

1 It works with absolutely any kind of commercial real estate.

1 It applies to each and every state in the United States. Non US Citizens can use it, but may need a US Citizen partner with a social security number. If you don't have a partner in the US- my program shows you how to attract them easy. (My mastermind members will have access to a partner matching service.)

1 You or your partners don't need lots of cash to get started. 

1 My program can be used to attract partners so you never have to take on any liability on loans.

1 Gives you power to get better terms with sellers.

Now listen. I know you might be wary. You might even be thinking, “Too good to be true.”

So I recommend you...

Commercial Real Estate Cash Flow Simply Pays The Bills. It's Common Sense. It's A No Brainer.

You will always use the program to buy commercial property that cash flows and supports itself..

Your funding is approved only if the investor funding can be paid back with cash flow from it - and it leaves you with money left over each month...

The reason most funding is not approved for investors is because they don't have enough "skin in the game" for a commercial mortgage to be approved.

My program gives you "skin in the game"...

Most banks want you to have 20% - 30% in the deal, that's a lot of skin!

My program shows you how to meet these requirements and get funded!

So now...

I Propose You Take A Challenge. I'll Back It Up.

Everyone is always Scared and Skeptical. Heck I am too a lot of the time, but I push past it and make smart informed and educated choices. I was scared to get into Real Estate, worried about losing money... You may be skeptical if this program will work and tight on money...

So I'm going to challenge you.

But, It's a baby step challenge.. so you don't have to be scared.. but you do have to act.

Try out my program. Download it and have it in less than 5 minutes on your computer (no waiting for it to be shipped - you get it online).

Start using the program methods to attract partners right away... or if you are a US Citizen you don't need any partners.

You can use my program for help even with bad credit or no credit! You can attract partners easy with the methods the programs teaches if you don't have good credit and want more options or if you are a non US citizen.

If for some reason it doesn't work for you, and my program and the vendors can't get you or your partners approved send me a e-mail and I'll refund you right away a full 100%.

No questions asked. There is no shipping charge so you get a 100% refund!

I even include a support email when you order with a online customer website to request a refund of 100% live! Of course, I do ask you contact me or the vendors in my program if you have any questions or are having trouble before asking for a refund if you really want to buy commercial property.

I want to help you with my program get started so if you are really serious always ask for help before asking for a refund. If you just change your mind and want a refund you can request one and I will gladly give you one and you don't need a reason or a excuse we all change our mind from time to time and I understand that.

I also have a by invite only exclusive Mastermind Group. It is open only to my paid clients and by invite only. When a spot opens I will from time to time extend invites to my clients. It is by invite only and I will look to see if you have followed the directions when starting my program - I will not let people in my mastermind group who can not follow directions. If you are one of the lucky few who are selected you will be sent a invite via email and given a chance to get in it. This is not required to buy my program, but many of my clients find being a member makes a huge difference in their ability to stay focused, motivated and on track. If you are sent a invite - until you act to claim it and sign up - the spot is not reserved. In other words if the spot fills before you take it - you would have to wait for another invite at a later date.

Why Am I Sharing This?

Honestly, I don't want your money if you're not able to buy property from my program.

However, I do have to sort out people who aren't ready to take action so they don't flood the vendors in my program with calls and emails that just waste their time. Also, when you buy my program and register I offer property for sale to my customer list from time to time so you will be on the list of the first people to have the chance to buy from me and other members! 

Truth be told that is one of my biggest motivational factors in publishing my program to the public - to own a large and loyal list of buyers! I never have to list with brokers and I am able to get property under contract and flip it to my list members on assignment! 

The best part is I know my list members can get funding because I taught them how to do it! By the way if you have commercial property in the US you want to sell be sure to contact me. I will put it under contract and offer it to my list and collecting payment from the buyer on a assignment fee. So you as the seller don't even have to pay a broker fee or spend a dime to sell!

Now I'll bet you're wondering...

What's The Bottom Line?

First, let me ask you a question.

How much is potentially buying your first commercial property worth to you?

Even if you only buy a small $1,000,000 property with a passive cash flow after all expenses of $40,000 a year, would a fee of $2,998 be worth it to you (considering you'll be making the $2,998 over and over each month...)

Or what about if I only asked for half a month's profit of $1,500? Remember, I'm low balling here...

But I'm not going to charge $2,998 or $1,500. In fact, my program is not even $1,000 like other's have charged. I've considered $499.. and gave serious thought to $499.. but instead for a limited time only I'm going to price it at just $97.. so you get it for just $97.00!

Don't Pay $2,998.. Or Even $1,500..
Not even $1,000.. Not the $499.. But Even Better!
You Pay Only $97! But wait..

Remember just say maybe.. take 60 days to try it risk free...

Get it for Just $97 Today!!

(PLUS a SPECIAL BONUS - It's BIG! It's LIMITED. Don't close this window or you may lose it!)

The link to start today is below...

But Hurry!
My Bonus Is Limited. I've Dropped My Price.

But I reserve the right to end my bonus, and raise the price as demand grows. My clients are begging me to raise the price now so fewer people buy the program. So I reserve the right to raise my price at any time. 

So I highly suggest you act now while the opportunity is on the table.

But don't say YES right now...

Just Say 'Maybe' And Try It.
Without Any Risk For A Full 60 Days.

My program comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

That means you can try it out for 60 days. If for some reason you're not completely thrilled, you can get your money back immediately. No questions asked.

There's no sneaky gimmicks or fine print to that offer – it's an unconditional iron clad 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

So, here's what you need to do now...

All you have to do is click the secure "Order" button below.

And enter your credit card details. But remember you've got a full 60 days to evaluate this system, with my risk-free trial.

That means... You have a whole 2 months to test this program 100% risk free.. And in those 60 days, you’ll be able to put what I have described to work and be on your way to buying Commercial Real Estate.

Which means, if I’m wrong about all of this... You’ve only lost a few minutes of your time.

But what if I’m right....

Click here to reserve your spot...


Austin's Exclusive How to Buy Commercial Real Estate
Risk-Free Acceptance Form

1 Yes, I want to buy Commercial Real Estate The Easy Way...

1 Yes, I want to learn how to attract partners who “assume the loan liability” so I just profit without the risk...

1 Yes,  I want to make buying property with this consistently repeatable and easy, using your proven methods...

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful program now before it's too late...

Click here to grab "Austin's Exclusive How to Buy Commercial Real Estate" now...



Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used

To Future Property Owners,

Austin Davis

P.S. - Remember the challenge. This is fully guaranteed and you are risking absolutely nothing. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that I'm going to hand you over, no-questions-asked, 100% of your money if you decide for any reason that you're not thrilled. I am assuming all the risk.

Click Here To Buy Now...

- Please remember I reserve the right to raise my price at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

* Q: I've never even looked at buying Commercial Property before, can I still use your program?

* A: Absolutely. My program can be used by both professional and complete beginners with no experience at all.

* Q: How much money do I need to get started.

* A: You can start with no money out of pocket if you choose the partner option. If you don't want a partner the minimum cash you need up front is usually around $1,000. If you don't want a partner you can ask the vendors for the options to get a personal loan. You must be a US Citizen or have a partner though with US Citizenship. My program teaches you how to get them if you don't have US partners.

* Q: Is it hard to use your program?

* A: No anyone can use it and it's very simple to understand.

* Q: How can it be this easy? 

* A: Everyone tends to follow the known and established ways of doing deals. This means it is very hard to use them because you have a lot of people using them. The program is very easy and that's why only a few of them are being sold at this low price. We don't want you to have too much competition.

* Q: Is there any customer support?

* A: Sure. I have a dedicated customer support team. If you have any questions please feel free to contact them any time. They will answer your questions for you.

* Q: What if I'm not satisfied with the program?

A: It's a completely risk-free purchase. In fact, I challenge you. If you're not able to use my program to buy commercial property, and the vendors can't get you or your partners approved, just tell me, and I will give all your money back immediately. No questions asked.

Get The Program Now Before It's Too Late...


Austin's Exclusive How to Buy Commercial Real Estate
Risk-Free Acceptance Form

1 Yes, I want to buy Commercial Real Estate The Easy Way...

1 Yes, I want to learn how to attract partners who “assume the loan liability” so I profit without the risk...

1 Yes, I want to make buying property with this consistently repeatable and easy, using your proven methods...

On that basis, I'd love to get a copy of this powerful program now before it's too late...

Click here to grab "Austin's Exclusive How to Buy Commercial Real Estate" now...



Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used



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